Brave Talk: The Public Media Women in Leadership Conference


(June 21, 2019) On July 12, 2019, Public Media Women in Leadership (PMWL) will present the FIRST conference for women in public media, featuring dynamic speakers addressing key issues in 21st century leadership: strength & resiliency, developing an inclusive corporate culture, and women as role models for leadership & development.

The conference was made possible by the generosity of Greater Public which invited PMWL to host its first conference in association with the PMDMC and is providing logistical and registration support for the event. The PMWL is grateful to CARS for stepping up as founding sponsor of the first conference for women and providing early backing to the event. Dallas-based KERA is serving as luncheon/books sponsor as well as generously providing videotaping services.

Below are the keynote speakers/sessions in order of appearance.

Laura Walker, Former President and CEO of NYPR


Carol Fulp, President and CEO of The Partnership, Inc.


Jennifer Bartkowski, CEO of Girl Scouts Northeast Texas


“Since PMWL’s founding in 2015, we’ve been asked to host a conference for women,” said Deanna Mackey, PMWL founder. “I am excited to finally be able to provide this opportunity for women leaders thanks to the support of Greater Public’s Joyce MacDonald and our founding sponsor CARS. I hope it’s just the start for future regional training meetings for women in our industry. We are also thankful to WEDU and their support of our Speaker’s Bureau, via the Susan Howarth Memorial Fund, which is allowing us to provide honorariums to our speakers and recognize the time and talent they’re bringing to this conference.”

Brave Talk takes place Friday, July 12 from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Dallas in Dallas, TX.

We are honored Greater Public has made this event possible in conjunction with the PMDMC. Based on this partnership, registration to the PMDMC is required to attend Brave Talk. Those who previously registered for the PMDMC will be able to update their registration to include Brave Talk as an add on.

Register for Brave Talk at

We are grateful for our founding sponsor, CARS.


Generous conference support has been provided by:


Thank you to KERA for their support as lunch & book sponsor.


Public Media Women in Leadership:

Public Media Women in Leadership was founded in January 2015 by Deanna Mackey and Jeannie Ericson to provide a forum for current and aspiring women leaders to support and learn from each other, provide training and mentorship opportunities, build community and advocate for women leadership within public media. The PMWL currently has more than 2,000 active members in its Facebook Group, provides bi-monthly training webinars on both public media and leadership topics and leads sessions and socials at many public media national conferences. The PMWL is supported by a committee of current and retired women leaders in public media. The Wyncote Foundation is the generous sponsor of the PMWL’s grant to fund the organization’s Mentoring & Engagement Initiative.

Greater Public:

Greater Public supports public media organizations and empowers them to reach new heights. For more than 35 years, Minnesota-based Greater Public has helped public media organizations across the country raise tens of millions of dollars, which has resulted in stronger local service and has enriched communities and lives. Through its strong relationships across the public media ecosystem, Greater Public serves leaders and practitioners at 250 member organizations across the country and is working to take on new, big challenges and provide the resources and support to spark innovation. For more information, visit