Public Media Women in Leadership Announces the Launch of Facilitated Peer Groups


(January 29, 2019) Public Media Women in Leadership (PMWL) announces the launch of facilitated peer group communities. These groups will feature intimate conversations around topics such as job verticals (development, investigative journalists, digital staff, etc.) and leadership (confidence building, managing change, etc.). The goal is to create an immersive experience for women within public media to openly share their experiences and acquire support in a confidential setting.

The meetings are scheduled to take place via videoconference on a monthly basis for six months.

“As we’ve surveyed our membership over the past four years, the need for small group discussions has come up often as a training request,” says Deanna Mackey, PMWL founder. “We used data from our latest survey and input from women who’ve attended our sessions and socials to identify an initial group of five topics to allow women to self-select to join the groups and participate in confidential training discussions.”

The first suite of Facilitated Peer Groups will feature the following topics:

1. Work-Life Balance

2. Conversing Up and Down

3. Diversity and Inclusiveness

4. Conflict Resolution

5. Coaching and Developing Employees

Those interested in participating can sign up via the organization’s Google Form: Signed up individuals will receive an email confirmation with more details regarding their status as well as more information regarding the schedule and how to meet with peers using PMWL’s video conferencing platform.

Facilitated Peer Groups are part of Public Media Women in Leadership’s Mentorship and Engagement Initiative, a three-year program with the aim to provide one-on-one mentor partnerships for women in public media and provide ongoing training and development via webinars and peer-group communities.

For more information visit or contact PMWL at

The Public Media Women in Leadership organization was founded in January 2015 by Deanna Mackey and Jeannie Ericson to provide a forum for women leaders and aspiring leaders to support and learn from each other, provide training and mentorship opportunities, build community and advocate for women leadership within public media. The PMWL currently has 2,000 active members in its Facebook Group and provides bi-monthly training webinars on both public media and leadership topics and leads sessions and socials at many public media national conferences. The PMWL is supported by a committee of current and retired women leaders in public media, many who joined as the organization was founded. The Wyncote Foundation is the generous sponsor of the PMWL’s grant to fund the Mentoring & Engagement Initiative.