Public Media Women in Leadership Announces the Launch of the Advance Program

Webinar series feature topics around 3 categories: Business, Developing Self and Leadership / Management

(October 8, 2018) Public Media Women in Leadership (PMWL) announces the launch of Advance, a program created to provide members an engaging learning experience in webinar format. Webinars will encompass topics from three categories identified as crucial to women’s leadership success: Business, Developing Self and Leadership / Management. Program participants will have the opportunity to earn a certificate of completion to showcase their involvement and willingness to improve upon a skill set.

With the goal of increasing engagement, webinars will include assignments where members may work toward improving either a hard or soft skill related to the webinar topic. The following calendar provides dates, times, categories and topics for the program. All dates and times are subject to change.


Those interested in participating in the program are to sign up via the organization’s Google Form: People who sign up to the program will receive all program materials directly to their inbox. Those who do not sign up will still be able to participate in PMWL webinars, but without the added benefits of the program.

The Advance Program is part of Public Media Women in Leadership’s Mentorship and Engagement Initiative, a three-year program with the aim to provide one-on-one mentor partnerships for women in public media and developing facilitated peer-group communities around job verticals (development, investigative journalists, digital, etc.) and leadership topics (confidence building, managing change, etc.).

For more information on how to sign up to the Advance Program, visit or contact PMWL at