JOB OPPORTUNITY: Mentoring & Engagement Coordinator for PMWL

Job Summary: 

The PMWL Mentorship & Engagement Coordinator is responsible for managing the organization’s mentor program in partnership and under the guidance of the PMWL founder. This position will help with the organization and implementation of the program including learning to use the mentoring software, setting up questionnaires for mentor/mentee profiles, creating criteria for periodic check in (polls, surveys) of participants, creating entrance and exit surveys. This position will also help recruit both mentors and mentees as well as facilitators for the online peer groups. The coordinator will schedule peer group meetings and do all promotion and follow up with attendees. The coordinator will work with the founder and her committee to plan trainings for mentees and members of the PMWL Facebook group via webinars, regional meetings and sessions at industry conferences. This is an independent contractor position slated for 20 hours per week. It is a three-year agreement based on mutual agreement between the two parties. 

Job Responsibilities: 

  • Build and nurture engagement in the mentorship program with women in the PMWL Facebook group and our national and station-based industry partners. 
  • Manage the mentor program and serve as the first point of contact for mentors and mentees. 
  • Become well versed in using the mentorship software and create the survey, questionnaires and polls used to assess the partners’ progress. 
  • Manage and facilitate creating and implementing the peer groups and provide support for the facilitators with content and logistics. 
  • Help plan and execute the PMWL webinars, sessions and socials at regional and national conferences. 
  • Administer all paperwork and track all data for the program. 
  • Maintain efficient and effective record keeping procedures. 
  • Communicate effectively with mentors, mentees, project partners, etc. 
  • Model professional and ethical standards. 


Prefer a background in public media. 

Demonstrated interest in women leadership and supporting women to attain leadership positions in public media. 

Self-starter who can fulfill job responsibilities without supervision. This position will likely be remote and will serve women all over the country. 

Software savvy, comfortable working with new platforms to manage mentor partnerships and videoconferencing. 

Curious; enjoys troubleshooting & exploring solutions. 

Likes to continually learn, both mentoring best practices as well as software tricks. 

Biased toward action; decisive, a fan of iterating & continuous improvement. Does not let perfection stand in the way of momentum. 

Skilled at championing programs. Able to fearlessly and proudly enforce buy-in from the right stakeholders 

Able to experiment with marketing tactics and plan activities, trainings and events to generate ongoing excitement. 

Can effectively mobilize resources cross-functionally to accomplish the above. 

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in appropriate field of study is preferred but work experience is acceptable. 

Very comfortable with public speaking and cold call partnership cultivation. 

Strong management and organizational skills. 

Strong communication and interpersonal skills. 

Proven ability to attract, train, supervise, and motivate potential mentors and mentees. 

Job Type: Independent Contractor, approx. 20 hours/week 

Salary: $20.00/hour 

Timeframe: Position is open until filled and will last for three years 

How to apply: Please send a cover letter and resume to Deanna Mackey at the email address below. 

Contact: Deanna Mackey, President, Public Television Major Market Group & Founder of Public Media Women in Leadership, dmackey[at] or 619-261-7002.